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tv   Glenn Beck  FOX News  August 7, 2009 2:00am-3:00am EDT

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news channel, the number one news channel. don't miss bill. cap bots. >> three, two, one, beck! glenn: welcome to the glenn beck program. tonight you may have heard about the complete lives system. wait until you hear the theory of obama's closest healthcare advisors, the complete lives system. also, the white house wants to you e-mail them any of the fishy rumors you have heard about healthcare. well, they are going to be debunking what i'm going to say to you in the next few minutes. let them try. you need to see it. by the wear, that sending in the information here stinks on ice. trying to debunk the law, the white house is, and we'll go over that in a few minutes.
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party at pelosi's place! nancy has to wine and dine her donors, you know, to listen to her constituents in the napa valley over a nice glass of chardonnay. if you think this country is great, but you don't think that grandpa's life is any less valuable than little sally's, stand up, and come follow me. hello, america. i don't know about you, but i have always wanted to be in the mob, and now that i am, it's fantastic! the cocaine, the women, the town hall healthcare protests. i don't remember seeing any of those in those great mob movies, but here's the one thing tonight, this is not a g.o.p. mob or manufactured anger in america. what is happening is negotiating, democrats, republican and independents, senses in their guts that something is not right, and
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something isn't right with the healthcare plan. the polls reflect that. 65% say obama is taking on too many issues. his approval is at 50%, now worst than bush's was after the first six months. he has fallen 7 points with independents. 52% oppose how he is handling healthcare. 39% approve. more than three out of four think his plan will add to the deficit. that is important. listen to it again. three out of four think this plan will add to the deficit. remember that stat. why the decline? america, i think it's because you know something is wrong when somebody tries to rush you, that's when you need to slow down. i also think you're seeing enough things now that concern you but you don't know how to put them all together. i'm going to try to put a few things together tonight, and then over the next few days, but
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i'm telling you, you know, i feel like -- you ever see those movies where they say i gave a note to my attorney, and if i am found dead, open the note. i kind of feel like you're my attorney. if i show up, you know, in thailand dead from auto erotic affix ation, don't believe it. since went are the politicians, the ones who guide our ethics and our morals, do you remember when we had the guy from acorn on -- i don't i don't remember when it was, four or five months ago, and he was so arrogant, and it bothered me. i'm a thread guy. i will see a thread there and say that's not right and start to pull it. i pulled that thread based on that one interview and you have seen what it has taken us into acorn. the president and acorn and americorps, all of it, we are building a new structure in our country. well, the other day i had the aarp people here, and i said how can you possibly be for
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healthcare, and they said, oh, we don't see anything hurtful to seniors in that healthcare package. it looks great to us. to me, that sounded the same as, well, glenn, i just found out i'm related to a nigerian prince, he's going to wire me $10 million, and all i have to do is give him $10,000 and my bank account number, and you're like, no, that's a scam and he's stop it, you're crazy. it doesn't say anywhere in the e-mail it is a scam, plus he made a promise. how many times have politicians promised us, both republicans an democrats have promised us the moon and given us detroit. no offense, detroit, but does your electricity even work anymore? you keep on voting in the same people, and in detroit, the median home price now is $7,500. in 1965, the politicians said medicare would cost us $9 billion by 19890. the -- by 1990.
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the actual cost, $66 billion. don't worry, they were only off by $57 billion! obama's current plan is $1.6 trillion. if it goes as well as the other government medical programs, or, you know, as well as cash for clunkers, it will only cost us $13 trillion. unless government makes up that gap with higher taxes on coffins, we can't afford universal healthcare. that is part of what you feel in your gut. you know it's unsustainable. you know it doesn't make any sense to say we got to spend money to make money the way we're spending money. i need to ask you a very important question. $13 trillion, the number i just gave you, that's an actual number based on the errors of the past. now, could they be right? could it be $1.6 trillion at the
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end? sure. do you really think it will be? would an error of let's just say $8 trillion, would that be something that would be reasonable for them to make, based on their past performance? yes! if we were $8 trillion short, would that cause an emergency in this country? remember, never waste an emergency. if we have a shortage of money and healthcare, would it be an emergency? you decide. now, hold on to that answer for a second. you have your answer. here's why i ask. when we are short of money, we will be short of medicine, and then someone has to decide who gets what. who in government will be influencing and making these life and death decisions? right now, it's the organizers, the advisors, and the czars.
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aarp members, i have nothing against aarp. it's a fine organization, but something is not right here, and you must call aarp and demand answers to these questions. no accusations. just answer the question. who makes life and death decisions here? one of the people currently that is a health policy advisor to president obama, got it, advising the president on healthcare. he happens to be the brother of rahm emanuel. his name is dr. ezekiel emanuel. i can't tell you how much i feel we are taking on some of the most powerful organizations and powerful people on planet earth. dear god, please listen to this. ezekiel emanuel, he is only one out of the three people that we have found that are currently at the white house who believe in this kind of thinking.
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listen carefully. he just wrote this in january of this year. quote, "when implemented, the complete lives system produces a priority curve on which individuals age between roughly 15 and 40 years get the most substantial chance, whereas the youngest and oldest people get chances that are attenuated. the complete lives system justifies preference to the younger people because of the priority of the worst-off rather than instrumental value." but even more disturbing is this chart. ezekiel added it into his article of january of last year. you will see the probability going up is the problem probability of intervention, getting some sort of medical treatment. you will see if you're very, very young, or very, very old, about 55 years old, your chances
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of getting care, not healthy. now, another czar in the media that they have ignored is cass susstein. in the columbia law review in january 2004 -- now, this is the second guy currently advising the press. in the law rue review in 2004, he wrote "i urge that the government should indeed focus on life years rather than lives. a program that saves young people produces more welfare than one that saves old people." i want to you understand, this is an emergency program. i have more amazing quotes for you in the next few minutes, but i want to make it very, very clear. what these people are talking about is how to ration in the case of an emergency. they define that as a shortage, a shortage of kidneys, hospital beds or flu vaccines, a short
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shortage, but what we have to remember is universal healthcare creates another shortage, a shortage of money, and when we are out of money, these people will begin making the rules governing your healthcare. now, i don't know if president obama believes any of this crazy stuff, but i also don't know why, if he didn't, he would appoint at least three people that are currently czars or advisors in the white house that do believe this stuff. never in my life would i appoint people who believe in things like this. i mean, i wouldn't have you go get a soda for me if you believed in stuff like this. why is no one in the media told you about these people? why hasn't aarp brought them to your attention? maybe that mob and manufactured anger isn't manufactured. maybe it's just americans across the political spectrum sensing
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in their gut that these people are moving too fast. what are they hideing? what is really going on? and something just isn't right. jonah goldberg is the author of "liberal fascism." the secret history of the life of mussolini to the politics of change, and r.j.postreto, author of "woodrow wilson and the art of liberal media." art, when you hear this, what does it say to you? >> 's right that it is scary. as you alluded to, glenn, in the opening remarks this afternoon, president obama's health plan is in trouble, and the reason it's in trouble is because people aren't stupid. what we've got is a massive new government entitlement here. everybody knows that's going to be a huge drain on the treasury.
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costs go up when you add entitlements, they don't go down, yet we're told by the healthcare p proponents that, in fact, this is all about reducing costs. it's very obvious how you reduce costs while extending care to massive new numbers of people is, of course, you ration, and when you ration, you put people in charge in the government of having to decide who gets care and who doesn't. that's how it looks with limited resources. >> i have no problem with somebody having these discussions, academic discussions, but i have to tell you, these are personal choices. these are not the choices that the government makes for people. r.j. i asked for you to be on for a reason because you are a professor and one of the big minds on progressivism from the early 20th century. this sounds an awful lot like -- but i'm an uneducated guy -- sounds a lot like eugenics.
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>> you're right to raise that question, glenn. as i said, what we have going on here is you're putting in the hands of people in the government really the power and the necessity of weighing the value of one human life over another, and we have a history of giving the government that power in this country. it is a very troubling history. you're right to suggest that eugenics is a part of that, and certainly some of america's most prominent progressives, woodrow wilson, theodore roosevelt and others were supporters of at least the possibility of eugenics because it has great possibilities for social engineering. glenn: let me go to jonah goldberg here. this is from cass sunstein in the columbia law review in january 2004. another time he said "if a program would prevent 50 deaths of people who are 20, should it be treated the same way as a program that would prevent 50 deaths of people being 70?
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programs that protect young people seems far better than one that protects old people because it delivers greater benefits." next one, this is from rahm emanuel's brother ezekiel wrote in november '96 and just wrote another one january this year "conversely, services provided to individuals who are irreversibly prevented from being or becoming participating citizens are not basic, and should not be guaranteed." jonah, please, i mean -- >> i think there a lot of things going on here. i think, first of all, this mode of analysis, which is all over the place, with cost benefit analysis, risk nam sis, consumer safety. glenn: sure. >> there rae nothing inherently wrong that says we weigh these things in this way. i would aer this people in government do this than some of the other things they could do instead of this. the problem is when you move to something like healthcare,
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especially if we get the single-payer thing that i think obama truly wants, and then all of a sudden all of these kinds of decisions are centralized, and they're taken into the hands of people like e zeke yeel -- e zeke ezekiel emanuel, who is problem wonderful people, but in the position of deciding whose lives are important and which ones aren't. glenn: if i'm not mistaken, jonah, i think you're saying the same thing. we make these decisions in our own lives every day, but we don't -- quite honestly, i have done it with my own dog. people doing it with their dogs, but it is an individual choice. it is not the choice of the government, and once you get into that, especially -- and i'm not even saying this administration. let's just go down the road and say we got a crazy administration. you don't want to give them this kind of power. >> i agree with that. some of the stuff they're talking about is stuff like kidneys. right now, there is a shortage
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on various organs for transplant. i don't mind that doctors and boards of ethicists and whatnot coming up with schemes to balance competing interests between say, a 15-year-old and 75-year-old. what they want to do is make all of healthcare like kidneys, and say that all of healthcare will be rationed in this way n canada and great britain, we see this where obese people can't get minor surgeries, joint surgeries, they can't get bypasses because they're not deemed to be contributing enough to society that it's worth the investment in them. this is the path we go on when we talk about single-payer healthcare. glenn: gentlemen, i want to have you back next week because i want to delve into it further next week. will you both come back next week? >> i will try. i might be out of town. glenn: thanks, guys. i have to tell you, this is a book that i read. i ciewpts get a new copy. this is from 1925, i think -- 1927 by walter litman.
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i read this earlier this year, and the first chapter in it, i read and i thought, oh, my gosh, it is the disenchanted man. walter litman was one of the big progressive leaders. he was a big thinker, and in the first chapter, he talks about what is going on in the country, and i thought, wow, things haven't changed. that's exactly how i feel. then he says "but now we have to solve it." the second chapter is "i tried to imagine how the perfect citizen could be produced. some say he will have been born of the right germ plasms and from the pages written in the book by great ewe jennists and i have seen a book on whom ought to marry whom to produce great citizenry." he thinks we can whittle out the less desirable in our country. i don't think anybody is thinking that now, but they have thought it here in america, and this idea was taken over to europe, and millions died,
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again, i don't think anybody is thinking this, but good lord equal mighty, we have gone down this road again. could we at least slow down, and ask people that are supposed to be watchdogs for under the circumstances, the media, aarp, and others, to do their job and ask the questions, so we can have a full vetting of this? america, this is what you feel in your gut. something is not right. slow down and let's talk about it. now, meanwhile, the white house wants to you play tattletale on your neighbor. really? next. the sixties were all about freedom. ♪ and now in my sixties, they are again.
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glenn: we're having a conversation here off the air. i asked my aid yo listeners and viewers just this last week to be watchdogs and send in sorries they're seeing out there, because you can't watch everything. focus on the things that concern you. well, one of the watchdogs got into the hijacking of our liberty of our private property. the story that i have next comes from the watchdogs at
2:23 am and they brought to my attention a law about the white house's search for snitches. team obama wants you to report on any fishy information you receive on the president. why? could be reasonable, it really could be, but is it illegal? here is fox senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano. ok. judge, let me play devil's advocate with you. well, let me start with you with what the watchdogs sent me which was u.s. code 5usc 552 a and i called you this morning and said tell me about t. >> right. glenn: what does this say? >> it was written by the congress in response to president nixon who used f.b.i. agents, c.i.a. agents and civil clan-clad military to take pictures of people and record their names and pictures at anti-war demonstrations in the '70's. the congress wrote a law that said the president and the executive ban much shall not make, record -- the executive
2:24 am
branch shall not make, record or keep records of people's expressions of freedom of speech anywhere in the united states, unless expressly authorized by statute. there is no statute that authorizes this. glenn: this is what my question is -- the executive branch can't keep -- i mean, they're asking for, send me those e-mails. the fear is, and i don't think i necessarily agree with this, but i see the concern. the fear is they take these e-mails and now they have a record and they're making an enemies' list. we have asked the white house. they say there's no list being compiled,der this we're not compiling these, people, but they can't delete those. >> right. the white house is in a conundrum because there is another statute that says if you communicate with the white house in any means, they must e tain the communication -- they must retain the communication. glenn: aren't they in a catch-22? >> they are. the retention is so that the white house can't change history and sanitize it and pretend it
2:25 am
never happened. the first statute that your viewer sent you is to make sure that the president can't intimidate people from recollection pressing views against him by threatening to keep their names and opinions on file. glenn: wait a minute. he can't keep my opinion and my name on file? >> he can't record the fact that you criticized him on air and retain that. glenn: i had someone in the white house of the last administration telling me that there was a ill file at the white house with my name on it, because i wasn't really friendly to the last administration. are #ru telling me that that can't happen? p they don't haven written down about me? >> no, i'm telling you if they do, it they violate the privacy act. glenn: but there is no way to actually get that information. let me play devil's advocate. i am asking people to be watchdogs. too many things are going on. even the white house cannot keep up with all the bogus stuff on
2:26 am
there on healthcare and whatever is out there. why is it wrong to ask people send in stuff so we can debunk it and put it on a website? >> there is nothing wrong with you doing it because you are not the government. when the government does it, it chills you right to free speech. free speech not only enlightens, it can also scare people, and it can offend people, so it needs breathing room f people are afraid to exercise their free speech because the government is in their face or the government is recording what they say, then it lacks the breathing room. glenn: judge, i would like you to come back, because i would like to talk about the update on the cash for clunkers thing. the white house told us today or the d.o.t. -- the department of transportation today told us they don't even understand our questions. i don't even understand that question. it was "can you tell me if the cash for clunkers thing that we talked to you about last week, we know you have removed that warning, have you then, indeed, al leave kuwaited that
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join me at 6:00 eastern. now back to glenn beck in new york. cheer clear glenn: i have to tell you, america, it is cool having chris wallace say your name. you should try it sometime. hello, america! lots of stories where politicians try to use their power and ininfluence, but i say it's time for them to use their head. our cash for clunkers program, oh, it is doing so well, you know, with the whole fake inkeys in the car sales thing! it is incredible. it is only costing billions in taxpayer dollars and the great thing is we're also thrashing cars that that are perfectly driveable, but, there is one other great aspect of the plan that we can look forward to -- fraud. the germans started their quiewr rows for clunkers program -- their quiewr owes for clunkers
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program. this wasn't even an original idea! how come we didn't know this? i got to tell you, we suck! as a media group, we suck, we really do. now the financial times reports the german police trade union warns that criminals buying tens of thousands of traded-in clunkers. no! they were supposed to be scrapped and they weren't and now they are rill legally being sold to africa and eastern up? eastern europe, who wouldwnñ?ñ?e thought crime would have been happening there? don't worry, it is never going to happen here. our government has a fool-proof plan to ward off fraud. yes, on the website,, you can send an e-mail or call their 24-hour toll-free hotline if you suspect fraud. forget about the cash for clunkers. a much better way of improving your carbon footprint, and that is what keeps me up at night.
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i think, oh, what can i do? i have already changed all my lightbulbs. here it s you can reduce your carbon footprint by not having one. the best way to leave no carbon footprint is to not exist. in a study by crazy people in oregon called the reproduction and the carbon legacies of individuals, researchers found that if you really want to be gene, you should have one less child, especially an american child. oh, i hate those. in the united states, the carbon legacy of a child is 20 times more important than other gene things you can do like driving a hybrid or using fluorescent lightbulbs. really, the fluorescent lightbulb thing is not going to work out a lot? they point out the environmentallal impact of people varies across borders. as the press release states "the
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average long-term carbon impact of a child born in the u.s. along with its descendents is more than 160 times the impact of a child born, let's say, in bangledesh." why don't they have more children over there and we have less? apparently, part of the reason, we americans hurt the earth so much is because we live so long, but the good news is, healthcare might solve that! we also consume more, but then again, unemployment and poverty might solve that one, too. these damn selfish americans, don't you hate them? you americans with your eating and drinking and living! researchers point out they're certainly not calling for a ban on children or a one-child law. they're just making people all around the world aware. of the environmental consequences of having children here in evil america, and speaking of kids, this is a
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story going around that arkansas democrat representative mike ross and vick snyder held a healthcare town hall yesterday at the arkansas children's hospital. some say i'm not saying that this didn't happen, but unfortunately we called and it did happen but some say it was a way to avoid getting yelled at. did that work out at all? >> i do not support a single-payer system. we are not interested are in a single-payer system. we don't support a single-payer system. >> that's what obama wants. >> no, it's not what president obama wants. shhh. there are sick children upstairs. the arkansas crowd mocked lawmakers over the obama health plan. that sums it up. we spoke to congressman snyder and wanted to find owdz, did you
2:37 am
really try to get away from people? i could see him being surrounded by sick children going shhh, keep it down, they're sick. he says the meeting was set up last friday and they chose the location because they knew the people at the hospital and knew they could arrange it at the last minute and as you can see, it didn't really stop anybody from having a spirited debate. good. we may not agree, but at least this congressman was not hiding from his constituents. why mess with those annoying constituents who yell and ask questions when you can wine and dine your millionaire contributors? i mean, this story is from the it is reporting how nancy pelosi is planning just that, next friday. speaker pelosi will reportedly hold a two-day issues conference where you can talk issues with nancy pelosi. you can have dinner with her for about 170 guests there on
2:38 am
the back lawn of her multi-million dollar san francisco home. it's beautiful, i hear, especially this time of year. she's just one of the little people. she's just like you. i'm sure she is going to wear a denim shirt and ol her sleeves up. the next day pelosi and her 170 guests, you know, who she has dinner with, they're going to pile in a car -- i'm sure it will be a green car, all 170 of them will pile into a car and go to a napa valley winy designed by architect frank gerring. the speaker and her husband own a vinyard. it is like your vineyard. it is no big deal. it is between $5 million and $235 million according to politico, but we're not sure because she only has to give ranges. we're not sure. she probably could have sold it for $25 million before she tubed the economy, so it might only be $5 million now. democrats are not the only ones
2:39 am
tending to wealthy donors. eric cantor took in $2 million for a lobbyist heavy fund-raiser. oh, as if we don't have enough of those in washington. i wonder what it would be like, seriously, i mean, if i could go, you know, to the speaker's shindig. wouldn't that be great? look, here she is. oh, she is, wow. you're so much prettier and flatter an shinier in the face than i expected. it is like you are two people in one. so, speaker pelosi. i just wanted to -- are you going to drink your wine? are you blind? do the lights not work? i want to you drink it now. drink it. drink it. drink it. i really just wanted to thank you for having me over here to wine country, you know, to be invited, i thought i had to be a major democratic donor, a
2:40 am
long-time friend of yours which i'm not. by the way, i put poison in your glass. i look forward to the policy discussions that we're supposed to have on healthcare, energy reform and the economy. hey, is that sean penn over there? i know it cost me more than $30,000 to get in here, but hey, hey, i think i see ed markey, author of cap and trade and isn't that white house advisor david axelrod? hey, some pinheads thinks it takes money and influence to gain access. i don't think. what are those people thinking? you know, pelosi, darling? it is almost like americans have forgotten how to use their heads >> angry mobs, vicious protests and pre-med meditated rallies.
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glenn: you know, america, we have a shortage of honesty in this country, and so that's why i try to be as honest with you as i possibly can be. i do have an agenda. the agenda is the truth as i see it. right or wrong, in the end, that's what i try to do. i want you to know, i'm not a journalist. i am a conservative. i am much more of a libertarian. i have voted republican, but republicans have betrayed everything i have ever believed in. now, that's the way it is with me, but, unfortunately, in this country, you don't get people that are willing to say the truth as they understand it. there is a lot of propaganda going on in our country right now. it seems to me more and more people don't want you to speak out. they even have gone as far as calling the people who are showing up, both republicans and democrats, they call them all conservatives, and angry mobs. take a look at this advertisement released by the d.n.c.
2:46 am
>> the republican extremists are back. they lost the election. they lost on the recovery act, the budget and children's healthcare. they have lost the confidence of the american people after eight years of failed policies that ruined our economy and cost millions of jobs. now, desperate republicans and their well-funded allies are organizing angry mobs, just like they did during the election. their goal, destroy president obama and stop the change americans voted for overwhelmingly in november. >> it will break him. >> i hope he fails! >> this mob activity is straight from the playbook of high-level republican political operatives. they have no plan for moving our country forward, so they have called out the mob. >> i want to know why you are ignoring the people's requests. >> call the republican party out
2:47 am
on being a mob. glenn: we must stop the partisan bickering. we must stop looking at everything as republican or democrat. there is a big difference between the peaceful participation, even though it may be angry, but the participation in our own system, individuals standing up challenging their representatives versus the video that i'm about to show you. you be the judge. which is the mob and which is engaging in political discourse, angry as it may be? take a look at what happened when some members of the minute mep project were invited to speak at columbia university, an ultraleft institution? this, by the way, is the same institution that had mahmoud
2:48 am
ahmadinejad speak and they treated him with respect, but if you have a conservative there, that's what happens. now let's go to another conservative, former colorado congressman tom tancredo whos was speaking on campus about illegal immigration. watch what happened to him. notice here they are saying -- he says i thought this was a free speech crowd, and they said, no, not hate speech. if this group can deem hate speech, you're over. good thing we have new hate speech legislation, isn't it? the next clip is a local news report showing acorn illegally breaking into a home last january in baltimore. >> a community organization breaks into a foreclosed home in what they're calling an act of civil disobedience. >> this is our house now. >> this afternoon, they literally broke the padlock right off the front door, and then broke into the house.
2:49 am
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glenn: if you saw the angry mobs when they were overturning podiums and screaming hate speech, and now i want to show you the d.n.c. he's he definition of an angry mob. take a look. >> i can't stand what america has turned into.
2:54 am
i just hope the senators won't be able to do it. i'm scared. >> what i'm seeing is a bureaucratic nightmare, senator. medicaid is broke. medicare is broke. social security is broke, and you want us to believe that a government that can't even run a cash for clunkers program is going to run 1/7 of our u.s. economy. no, sir! >> what are you waiting for? >> i don't have sophisticated language but i recognize a lawyer when i see one. listen, i'm a registered democrat! >> nancy pelosi, harry reid and all these people in congress in the senate, are they going to be willing to be on the same plan they're asking us to be on? glenn: america, democrats and republicans, ask yourself, are
2:55 am
these unreasonable questions to ask? well, let's see how they're responding now. here is nancy pelosi and barbara boxer. >> i saw some of the clips of people storming these town hall meetings. the last time i saw well dressed people doing this was when al gore asked me to go down to florida when they were recounting the ballots and i was concerned it was the same type of people. >> you be the judge. they are thugs at the town hall meetings. >> i have never seen well-dressed people do these things unless they were with the al gore thing. are they stealing healthcare now? nancy pelosi, i know you can't produce any documents or minutes of where you were briefed by the c.i.a., but could you produce not new photos because i'm sure they will be yerve ry where now, but can you produce a photo any evidence of all of a nazi
2:56 am
swastika being brought into one of these meetings, because i would stand with you against that. can you produce that evidence? past, not future, because i'm sure there is going to be an uptick in sales of those by just typical, you know, crazy conservativeseseseseses.eses20 . i was a home health nurse. i saw people every day that couldn't get around anymore. they wanted to stay independent, but canes, walkers and manual wheelchairs were no longer safe for them to use. to stay in their homes they needed a power chair, but most chairs couldn't get around the tight spaces in their homes. that's why i invented the hoveround. see how it's round? it gets around those tight places like no other power chair. no problems. with the hoveround and with the way the front end is, i back right in, and then i just turn the chair to the right and i'm right there in front. i've never had a problem yet. and it's still the only round power chair you can get. hoveround's process? it's easy. most people think that getting a chair like this
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